Lego Friends

Five Best Friends Go on Many Fun Lego adventures.

Genre: Animation , Kids

Country: N/A

Duration: 4 min

Quality: HD

Release: 2012

IMDb: 6.3

Season 1 - Lego Friends
"When the World Spectacular comes to Heartlake City and is almost ruined before it's even started, five feisty girls unite, despite t heir differences, using their creativity to save the day."
"When Emma, Olivia, Andrea and Mia plan a surprise party for Stephanie's birthday, they soon discover that it's not easy keeping thei r plans secret from Stephanie."
"Olivia, Stephanie, Andrea, Mia and Emma enter a science contest at school and win a trip on a luxury yacht but not everything goes a s planned when they set out to sea."
"When the girls go to Mia's grandparents' ranch and Olivia accidentally knocks down the neighbor's barn, the girls promise to raise m oney to rebuild it."
"When Stephanie becomes obsessed with beating her rival Tanya in a float building contest, Tanya convinces Emma to join her team to g et revenge on Stephanie."
"The girls are super excited to be planning a wedding for Olivia's Aunt Sophie. There's just one little problem: Olivia learns that the groom has gone missing in the jungle while working at an animal rescue station! Not wanting to worry her aunt, Olivia, Stephanie and Mia secretly fly to the jungle to try and find the groom, Henry, rescuing a few animals along the way. Too bad Emma and Andrea couldn't keep the secret back in Heartlake City. Now, Sophie, Emma and Andrea join the others in the jungle to try and find Henry before the rapidly approaching wedding date!"